Bursaries for postdoctoral fellows

Banting postdoctoral fellowships

Every year, the Faculty of Science holds an internal competition to select up to three postdoctoral fellows. Appointments are based on both Banting programme eligibility criteria and criteria of the Banting selection committee. Only those applications selected by the Faculty will receive a letter of approval from the institution with a view to completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Faculty of Science.

The main objective of the competition is to attract international candidates distinguished by:

  • Their excellence and leadership in research;
  • The quality of their proposed research programme;
  • The synergy between their research domain and that of their chosen supervisor as well as the strategic priorities of the institution.
Excellence scholarship programme for international students

Each university in Quebec is responsible for pre-selection of candidates. UQAM can select up to four candidates for each of the three components. Only those candidates who are pre-selected by UQAM will be able to submit their candidacy to the FRQNT by November 1, at the latest.

The first step is the deadline for applications (mid-june).
Candidates must be recommended by a professor for part 2 (postdoctoral research internship). Read all the information on the SSA website: Excellence scholarship programmes for international students (in French).

NSERC postdoctoral fellowship programmes

Faculté des sciences

La Faculté des sciences de l’UQAM regroupe plus de 200 professeur.e.s et plus de 200 personnes chargées de cours qui proposent une formation scientifique axée sur l’excellence et la pratique, grâce à des cours en laboratoires, des excursions sur le terrain et une formule d’enseignement par petits groupes. Située dans le Complexe des sciences Pierre-Dansereau, en plein centre-ville de Montréal, la Faculté dispose d’infrastructures spécialisées nouvellement construites et d’équipements à la fine pointe de la technologie.



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