International students

We welcome students from around the globe

Would you like to study in Montreal, in a welcoming and stimulating environment? Would you like to be part of a diverse and inclusive community? The student body at the Faculty of Sciences, UQAM includes 50% international doctoral students, 26% international master’s students and 10% international undergraduates.

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La Pause internationale *La Pause internationale means the international break*

A pop-up space for all international students. A safe, welcoming place to relax between classes, study, meet new colleagues and find answers to your questions. It takes place every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – PK-1140.

Contact: Anne Roudaut, Integration and Student Life Advisor for International Students, Faculty of Sciences. PK-2235. roudaut.anne@uqam.ca

French-language policy:
French is the official language in Québec and at UQAM. To be permitted to study at UQAM, you must have a good command of both oral and written French, as courses, course work, and examinations must be done in French at all levels. Most of the websites included in this brochure are in French. More details at etudier.uqam.ca/politique-langue-francaise.

L’école des langues de l’UQAM offers English and French programs and courses for people who already have a minimal knowledge of these languages. It can also offer intensive classes or summer schools in English, French or both on demand. Contact them to know more.

Faculté des sciences

La Faculté des sciences de l’UQAM regroupe plus de 200 professeur.e.s et plus de 200 personnes chargées de cours qui proposent une formation scientifique axée sur l’excellence et la pratique, grâce à des cours en laboratoires, des excursions sur le terrain et une formule d’enseignement par petits groupes. Située dans le Complexe des sciences Pierre-Dansereau, en plein centre-ville de Montréal, la Faculté dispose d’infrastructures spécialisées nouvellement construites et d’équipements à la fine pointe de la technologie.



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